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Como es Ser Miembro de la FOI - Hermandad de Isis?

The Faery Fates Original Art by Olivia Robertson
The Faery Fates Original Art by Olivia Robertson

Are you a Member of the FOI? How did you find it? What is your Experience Sharing within the FOI? Have you celebrate any of the rituals from the Liturgy? Is there something you would like to share? How is it for you to be a member of the Fellowship? This is an invitation for you to be part of this Symposium and Contribute with your own Experience as a Member. Share with us ! 


¿Eres miembro de FOI - Hermandad de Isis? ¿Cómo la encontraste? ¿Cuál es su experiencia dentro de la FOI? ¿Has celebrado alguno de los rituales de la Liturgia? ¿Hay algo que te gustaría compartir? ¿Cómo es para ti ser miembro de la Comunidad? Esta es una invitación para que tomes parte de este Simposio y contribuyas con tu propia Experiencia como Miembro. Comparte con nosotros !

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    Dmitry (viernes, 01 junio 2018 19:57)

    I joined FOI a year ago, fascinated by the inclusive ande peaceful spirit of this community. Being a Wiccan for 10-something years, I've always inclined towards the worship of Isis of Many Names, and Aset Shemsu came rather natural. I included the FOI short prayers to Isis and Osiris in my daily rituals, as well as some hymns written by myself. So far I never performed any seasonal celebrations of the FOI liturgy, and, anyway, of I will, I think I'd adapt them (though I greatly admire the writings of Olivia Robertson, sometimes her ritual attitude seems to me a bit old-fashioned).
    I wish I could devote more time and effort to studying as a priest of Isis (including learing Egyptian and the hieroglyphs). Living in Russia, the only contacts I can make with other FOI members is online, and I would like to participate some day in the ritual activity and perhaps studying routine of some Isea abroad. Blessed be )0(

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    7 (miércoles, 09 mayo 2018 00:02)

    I joined the FOI online in 2016 and was attuned in Summer 2017 as a Priestess. It has been wonderful to meet such lovely people and participate in the rituals and initiations. The whole experience has been like a Spiritual homecoming.

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    Bendis (miércoles, 02 mayo 2018 06:11)

    I have been a member for many years. I enjoy the rituals very much. I wish there were a lyceum close by.

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    Deirdre Wadding (martes, 01 mayo 2018 23:05)

    I have just figured out how and where to comment � for me the Fellowship is a very important part of my spiritual practice. Although my personal practice is Shamanic and based on Irish Tradition ,it is wonderful to be active in a multi faith organisation also . The liturgy is inspired and inspiring and with each batch of new students the power of it is revealed again . Well done to all who contributed and to Ness for putting it together. Delighted to hear Dorn's audio about her May Day memory at the Castle . Lovely to read the articles and to see such a variety including from my much loved and respected Shamanic teacher Caitlin. Really enjoyed Caroline's reflections on the liturgy , very much agree with how you describe the layers of meaning and symbolism and the powerful impact . I absolutely loved Yeshe Matthews' audio about the body . Thank you everyone for your sharing. Sending Bealtaine blessings from Ireland .�

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    Gisela Kranz (martes, 01 mayo 2018 13:51)

    I have been a member for many years and I love to celebrate the liturgy. It´s always unpredictable what happens when you commit yourself to a ritual, amazing insights or answers are likely to come up. - This symposium is a wonderful example of the spirit of fellowship that is alive in FOI. Thank you for it!

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    Fortune (martes, 01 mayo 2018 12:30)

    Best wishes to all. Magazine looks great.

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    2 (martes, 01 mayo 2018 10:28)

    Welcome to everyone who visits here today. This prayer is one with which I light my hearth shrine every morning:

    Sacred Mother, ever holy,
    Pour upon us your abundance,
    Spread your cloak of healing round us,
    Welcome us into your dwelling.

    On this May morning, may all members of the Fellowship of Isis enjoy joy, health, love and peace!

    Caitlín Matthews

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    steven brayshaw (lunes, 30 abril 2018 18:11)

    I heard about this from Caitlin Mathews. I am Gaelic of the House of Dalriadha, a deep scholar of magical history, currently settled in the Balearic Islands. This whole region has been overshadowed by a powerful, active form of Isis since ancient times, who now exists in synchretic form with The Black Lady of Montserrat - Grail Castle of the Fisher King. I would love to participate in this years symposium as I feel my present involvement with the Lady would benefit from some international context.